Offtake Markets

The Allan Array has the optionality of three offtake markets:


P2X: Hydrogen & Ammonia generation for export to energy markets that do not have enough localized generation capacity including Japan, California, and Europe.

Powering British Columbia: BC Hydro expects a need for new electricity generation under their 2021 Integrated Resource Plan’s “Accelerated Electrification Scenario” by 2030.

California Electrification: Electricity export to California via subsea HVDC to the Mid-C trading hub. A market study by Power Advisory completed in 2022 concluded that the Allan Array could compete favourably with California OSW projects.

Canada is working on a Clean Hydrogen Investment Tax Credit that is expected to match the tax incentives in the US. Clean hydrogen is receiving widespread government support in Canada, with hydrogen roadmap strategies released by both Canada and British Columbia.